Simply Beautiful

Simply Beautiful is endearing as a beauty encyclopedia, of custom tips on beauty care. Rima soni, a well-acclaimed beauty consultant in Dubai, has authored this book as a natural beauty- solution. Author's aptitude and passion, intertwined with deep knowledge on the subject and custom based beauty care have made easy way for the book to the best sellers list.

Author has aesthetically compiled beauty techniques and treatments based on her experiments with women of all ages. The book would befriend any one as a self explorative beauty guide, availing homely ingredients like turmeric, pepper, cream and yoghurt. 'Kitchen cosmetology', in her words 'would go at par with commercially prepared beauty care products'. As we are what we eat, food values of different diets are detailed. Useful tips are comprehensively covered on skin care by its nature, facing wrinkles, body care, know your vitamins etc. Common questions on beauty care are addressed so meticulously that it can guide on readers of similar problems. Importance of yoga and exercise, in the making of a healthy body and mind, is highlighted with deserving importance. The book shows an effective way to be simply beautiful in the ageing process of women.

Pages are aesthetically illustrated. Fonts would appeal to readers of all ages. It is indeed a must read and own guide for women of all ages.

Simply Beautiful
-Rima Soni

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