Some Eye Opener Hints

Have you ever thought about it? We live in a polluted world and our eyes bear the brunt of this. Water is the cheapest eye tonic. When you wake up, splash your eyes 10 times with the cool tap water. In doing so, first, you are rinsing your eyes, cooling them and toning them.

This simple and cheap treatment also helps strengthen eye muscles and reduces puffiness and bags under the eyes, thus draining off the fluids and directing them away from the eye pockets. This cool water splash firms and tones the skin around the eye, thus adding youth and freshness to the eye.

Bathing your eyes in a little salt water (just a pinch) helps to keep the yellow off and gives them good white color. Use your palm like a bowl and bathe each eye. I have seen the eye colour clearing up.

Once a week, just a little (1/2-drop) of honey in each eye cleanses the eye. They will initially burn but heavy tears will cleanse the eyes keeping them clear and clean.

Tea is the best toner. Its not just a wake up drink, the eyes benefit tremendously if you place cool or chilled teabags over the eyes. This lightens dark circles and tones and freshens the eyes.

Do this when you have had a late night and the next day you can even have photography session! A couple of chilled teabags on both the eyes for 10 minutes and you wake up looking fresh and ready to face the camera.