Beauty Products

Natural Beauty Products

Here Rima Soni introduces an array of unique blends of natural beauty oils - the result of a year long dedicated research.

Ageless beauty oil - US $ 36/- plus courier charges
Ageless skin beauty oil helps to relax skin tones/face and give skin an even tone. 
Acne clear oil - US $ 36/- plus courier charges
Skin cleanser oil to clear pimples/scars and shrink the pores.
Body Massage oil -  US $ 27/- plus courier charges
Body massage and body oil to relax body/tone and nourish the skin. 
Hair Nourisher oil -  US $ 27/- plus courier charges  

Hair nourishing oil to clear dandruff, promote hair growth and prevent hair fall.

All the four products are launched on 9th November 2007, as a dedication to Rima Soni's parents, who supported her greatly throughout her professional life.

All products are available for purchase from the office.

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